Tomi Rantamäki - Physiology and neuroscience


Brain and nervous system disorders afflict more than two billion people worldwide. In addition to immeasurable human suffering, the annual economic burden of these illnesses has reached over $2 trillion. Most current neurotherapeutics are merely symptomatic and in many case they produce only moderate and/or transient clinical benefit. Thus there is unprecedented demand to develop more effective treatments that would delay, prevent or even cure chronic neurological and psychiatric illnesses.

My lab investigates the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the neurotrophic and neuroplastic effects produced by anesthetics and sedatives. We combine standard in vivo and wet lab techniques with electroencephalogram (EEG) and quantitative proteomics. Ultimate goal is to translate our findings into clinic through collaborators.

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Project leader Tomi Rantamäki, PhD, Academy Research Fellow

Post-doctoral fellow Wiebke Theilmann

Graduate student Samuel Kohtala, MSc

Undergraduate students
Emmi Paro (Research Assistant)
Iris Yorke