Research - General Microbiology

Microbiology deals with the majority of organisms with immense importance in infectious diseases, ecology and basic biological sciences. The research is divided into three major areas. In bacterial pathogenesis, the main focuses are on molecular and cellular events associated with bacterial invasiveness and on development of display systems. The work in microbial ecology aims at defining the function of microbes in plant pathogenesis, promotion of plant growth, bioremediation and biodiversity. The third area of interest is molecular virology with emphasis on virus structure, assembly and evolution. This Major hosts, together with Institute of Biotechnology, one National Center of Excellence (Program on Structural Virology) and is associated with another one (Plant Molecular Biology and Forest Tree Biotechnology). The basic research within the Major has also led to innovations in biotechnology with significant commercial potential.


Current research groups / projects in alphabetical order according to group leader

Academy professor Dennis Bamford: Programme on Molecular Virology

The program focuses on structure, assembly and function of biological macromolecule complexes using prokaryote infecting viruses as model organisms. >> Read more

Docent Hanna Oksanen: 
Molecular details of prokaryotic viruses
The research focuses on archaeal and bacterial viruses to unravel molecular details of their functions and structures. >> Read more

Docent Minna Poranen:
Atomic details of RNA virus replication and its applications
The research focuses on viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerization using a bacterial double-stranded RNA virus as a model organisms. >> Read more

Docent Suvi Taira and professor Martin Romantschuk: Plant pathogenic bacteria
Plant pathogen group focuses on type III secretion system of  plant-infecting bacteria.
>> Read more

University lecturer, docent Benita Westerlund-Wikström: Bacterial surface proteins in infectious disease, commensalism and biotechnology.
The focus of the research is on the basic mechanisms involved when bacteria colonize the human host in infectious diseases and health. >> Read more

Docent Kim Yrjälä: Molecular environmental microbiology group
The focus of the reserach is on environmental processes in soil and water that are discerned by molecular genetic tools. >> Read more