Viikki Metabolomics Unit - Metabolomics

Viikki Metabolomics Unit - Metabolomics

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´Metabolome’ was first suggested in 1998 by Stephen Oliver (University of Manchester) to designate ”all low-molecular-mass compounds synthesized by an organism”; later adopted by Oliver Fiehn (Golm, now Davis U.S.).

Metabolomics: the analysis of the 'Metabolome'=
The entire complement of all the small molecular weight metabolites within a cell, tissue or organism at a particular developmental or physiological state

Metabolomics: comprehensive and quantitative analysis of all metabolites

Metabolite target analysis: restricted to metabolites of, for example, a particular enzyme system, or a group of metabolites. Can also be quantitative.

Metabolite profiling: Non-targeted, not quantitative. Mainly to discover differences between phenotypes, treatments or changing conditions etc.

Metabolic fingerprinting: rapid classification of samples according to their origin or their biological relevance