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Welcome to the Viikki Metabolomics Unit (ViMU)

The Metabolomics Unit was founded year 2008 and is a joint venture between the Faculties of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki Viikki campus. Metabolomics unit is and has been funded by Biocenter Finland and Biocentrum Helsinki.

Viikki Metabolomics Unit started as a specialized unit in plant metabolomics and metabolic profiling and provided services for the whole plant research community in Finland and abroad.

The original focus of the unit has been on analysis of plant hormones and other plant primary and secondary metabolites. Additionally the unit offered both targeted and non-targeted analysis using UPLC-MS/QTOF and GC-MS techniques for microbial applications and analysis of small peptides (i.e. cyanobacteria toxins, pathogen signal molecules).

Currently, unit offers in addition to previously mentioned analysis, exact mass analysis (synthesis products and metabolites) and identification of unknown signal metabolites (pathogens) and because of growing demand of analytical services in Viikki campus area at the University of Helsinki, we have also extended our services to different biological sample types including biofluids (serum, plasma and cell cultures) and tissues (muscle and liver, colon) from both human and mouse origin.

Biological material analyzed:


Arabidopsis thaliana (Thale cress)
Oryza sativa (Rice)
Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry)
Pisum sativum (Pea)
Solanum lycopersicum (Tomato)
Solanum tuberosum (Potato)
Betula Pendula (Birch)
Pinus sylvestris (Pine needles)
Brassica napus (Rape seed)
Lactuca sativa (Lettuce)
Allium cepa (Onion)


Dickeya solani
Pectobacterium sp.
Mus Musculus

Pharmaceutical chemistry synthesis products