Molecular Ecology and Systematics Laboratory - MES

PCR Machines, photo: Tiina Airamo

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MES-laboratory is a multi-user core facility to provide up-to-date research environment for groups located in the Department of Biosciences. It has scope especially in applying molecular genetic tools in studies of wild populations and non-model organisms. These include studies of DNA polymorphisms and gene expression patterns in systematics, biogeography, conservation biology, evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology.

DNA Sequencer, photo: Tiina Airamo

The MES-laboratory is part of the Viikki campus infrastructure and aims to provide services across local disciplines.

The lab was opened originally 1996 together with the Finnish Museum of Natural History and was moved to the Biocenter 3 at Viikki campus 2002.

Today the laboratory hosts more than a dozen research groups including two Centres of Excellence of the Academy of Finland (CoE) and two European Research Council (ERC) funded projects, and their Finnish and international collaborators.