Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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Biochemistry is a fundamental science between the exact sciences like physics, chemistry, computer science, and the biological sciences. It deals with the molecular structures and functions of living organisms. In a wider sense, molecular and cell biology, biotechnology, clinical chemistry and cancer research heavily depend on biochemistry.

By studying the structures of different molecules, cells and organisms we can improve our understanding of their functions.

During the past two decades the biochemical methods have developed immensely. Due to the development of DNA techniques, proteomics, bioinformatics, molecular and cell biology research, we know quite a lot about the basic structures and functions of living organisms. This will have an important impact on our everyday life .

Research has a central role in biochemistry and many biochemists are working in the universities and research institutes. Teaching and research in the Division of Biochemistry are very active and the students finish their studies in a reasonable time (usually 5 years). Approximately half of the students who graduate with a M.Sc. degree continue with their studies to get a PhD.

Biochemistry is an international science and many Finnish biochemists are working abroad in research facilities and in the bioindustry. At the moment the employment rate of biochemists is fairly good.

To study at the Division of Biochemistry means lectures, laboratory courses, seminars and essays. The main focus is in the laboratory work, which is partly done in the research groups of the Division. Biochemistry is a large field and therefore the education is diverse.

Students who choose biochemistry as their major subject, will have three options at the laudatur level:

1. General biochemistry, especially for teachers and researchers;
2. Biochemistry of health for biochemists who will work in hospitals and medical research; and
3. Molecular biology.

All science studies (genetics, microbiology, zoology, botanics, mathematics, physics etc.) are recommended as minor subjects to be combined with biochemistry. Chemistry is very important.

A limited number of courses are in English.

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