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10. Past and ongoing application example: conservation planning at New Zealand

Research lead by our collaborator Dr John Leathwick, Department of Conservation, New Zealand. We contribute methods and software for trial.

Zonation has been applied to conservation case studies in New Zealand and new features are being built into Zonation within this continued collaboration. Leathwick et al. (2008) concerns the evaluation of the proposed marine protected areas of New Zealand; this is an excellent example of how to use Zonation to evaluate a proposed set of conservation areas. Moilanen et al. (2008) developed a facility into Zonation for dealing with directed connectivity in the freshwater context. This study is presently being continued in an application to freshwater planning based on a combination of community-level analysis and directed connectivity (Leathwicket al. 2010). In 2011, Zonation methods are in widespread use in NZ.



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Moilanen, A., Leathwick, J.R., and J. Elith. 2008. A method for freshwater conservation prioritization. Freshwater Biology, 53: 577-592.

Leathwick, J.R., A. Moilanen, S. Ferrier and K. Julian. 2010. Community-based conservation prioritization using a community classification, and its application to riverine ecosystems. Biological Conservation, 143: 984-991.