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Welcome to the Ecological Genetics Research Unit!


Our research is focused on understanding the mechanisms and process of animal adaptation - or lack of it thereof - to local and changing environmental conditions. Methods employed in our research include molecular, population and quantitative genetic tools, as well as laboratory and field experiments. Also more theoretical and methodological approaches, such as development of statistical tools and approaches for analyzing inheritance and population differentiation in complex quantitative traits belong to our agenda. The main model organisms are vertebrates, including fishes, birds and amphibians, but some work is also done with reptiles and mammals.

Our research is chiefly fundamental science, but some of the projects have strong applied dimensions. These include studies on conservation genetics, human induced evolution due to harvesting and climate change, as well as studies on the effects of various environmental stressors on individuals, populations and species.


  • Sergey Morozov recieved grant from Otto Malmi foundation (1.7.2014)
  • JM's interview in Helsingin Sanomat (24.6.2014)
  • Five past & present EGRU members among the Mol Ecol's best reviewers list (27.5.2014).
  • Lab Times about Evolutionary Biology in Europe (13.5.2014)
  • Journal of Limnology special issue out (12.5.2014)
  • Cui Wang was awarded 3 yr CSC grant for PhD studies (12.5.2014)
  • Homepages finally (amost) up to date! (30.4.2014)
  • Riikka Pesonen started as a research assistant (28.4.2014)
  • Federico Calboli was awarded a Marie Curie grant for a two year postdoc in Helsinki (25.3.2014)
  • Izza AbGhani defended her thesis 07.02.2014 with flying colors (eximia). Opponent: Asbjørn Vøllestad, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Kristina Noreikiene was awarded grant from Finnish Cultural foundation (4.2.2014)
  • Jacquelin DeFaveri awarded Post-doc pool grant (27.11.2013)
  • Jacquelin DeFaveridefended her thesis with highest possible grade (laudatur; 15.11.2013)
  • Jacquelin DeFaveri awarded a stipend from the Nessling foundation (14.11.2013)
  • Mini-symposium on adaptive divergence in the marine environment (21.10.2013)
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