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Copyrights of the pictures of Virtual Forest

Pictures are free to use for private teaching and learning, on the proviso the owner of the copyright is mentioned. Commercial use and distribution of the pictures is forbidden without the permission of the owner of the copyrights.

The information of the copyright owner appears on the screen, when you keep the cursor placed over the picture.

Recommended Internet-browsers

Virtual Forest is recommended to be used with Mozilla Firefox 3. The working of the website has also been tested with Internet Explorer 7.

Welcome to Virtual Forest!

Virtual Forest brings the forest into your own computer. While roaming the paths of Virtual Forest you get to know the forests through and through: all its parts and inhabitants, structure and form, and how they all work together. On the path you will meet different plant and animal species, and you will get to see, how humans impact on forests. You will get to peek at different forest types in Finland, and also the amazing biodiversity of forests. You will also be albe to find some rare plants and animals, that are not so easily found in nature.

There are six parts to Virtual Forest:

Forest Path gives you loads of information on forests. Here you can study all things about forests. Through the links you can move from page to page at your own pace and choose your own route. Forest Path has four separate branches: Forest as a habitat, Forest types, Forest layers and Biodiversity in forests.

Forest Map presents mind maps of forests. You can use the mind maps before you enter Forest Path, to recall what the forests actually are about, or you can also use the forest maps to conclude what you have learned after exploring Forest Path. Here you can also make concept maps about forests.

Exercises will provide you with questions to answer about the forest themes of the Forest Path.

Encyclopedia lists all the concepts used in Virtual Forest in alphabetical order, and explains their meaning. Forest encyclopedia opens in a different tab, so if you like, you can keep it open all the time, and if need be, always check a strange new word there.

Forest Plants is about learning the plant species of Finnish forests. Here you get to know 30 different plant species of forests, and you also get to practise your identification skills!

For Teachers has information of Virtual Forest's features as a learning environment.