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General information:


1) The call for research profile submissions was opened as scheduled at the end of May. In total, 75 profiles were received. Of those 51 were from UH and 24 from Aalto.

2) In addition to providing the researchers with a web database to look for project partners, a networking event was organized on 31st of May, 2012, in Hanasaari Cultural Center (Espoo) to give the participants an opportunity to meet and discuss possible project ideas. Invitation was sent to the researchers who had submitted their profiles, and more than half participated in the event. Both universities were well represented; 15 researchers from Aalto and 36 from UH came to the networking event. The event was based on short (~2 minute) presentations held by each participant. The purpose of these was to introduce oneself and to present the main expertise or main points of the studies. The event was opened by talks from the director of BCH (Lauri Aaltonen) and principal investigators from Aalto University (Samuel Kaski) and University of Helsinki (Sampsa Hautaniemi) on the importance of interdisciplinary research. Two of the collaborations funded last year were also presented; Antti Honkela and Sara Kangaspeska, and Emilia Kaivosoja and Antti Soininen talked about their projects. In the evening, the discussions continued over dinner.

The event was as successful as in the previous year in generating lively discussion and several new contacts and collaborations between the universities.

3) The call for grant applications was opened in October and in December the BCH director granted funding for twelve Aalto - University of Helsinki junior level collaboration projects.


In the picture is the organizing team of the "Connecting Scientists" in the year 2012. Left to right: Margarita Walliander, Tiia Pelkonen, Heli Lehtonen, Pekka Marttinen, Elodie Renvoisé, and Outi Kilpivaara. BCH administrative secretary Riitta Smahl-El Hamraui is missing from the group picture.

The networking event in 2012 was held in Hanasaari, Espoo on 31st of May. Each of the 48 participants introduced themselves and their main research interests in a 2min presentation. After each presentation session, breaks for free discussion enabled further contacts with possible collaboration partners. The lively discussions continued later on over a dinner.

Agenda for the networking event