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General information:
 Biocentrum Helsinki Board

The governing Board of Biocentrum Helsinki has been appointed by the Rectors of the University and Aalto University until December 31, 2016, and it consists of the following members:

Professor Sarah Butcher, Institute of Biotechnology, sarah.butcher -at-
Professor Sampsa Hautaniemi (Vice-chair), Faculty of Medicine (Biomedicum Helsinki), sampsa.hautaniemi -at-
Vice-Rector Keijo Hämäläinen, University of Helsinki, keijo.hamalainen -at-
Academy Professor Elina Ikonen, Faculty of Medicine (Biomedicum Helsinki), elina.ikonen -at-
Professor Jaakko Kangasjärvi, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, jaakko.kangasjarvi -at-
Director Samuel Kaski, Aalto University, samuel.kaski -at-
Dean Janne Laine, Aalto University, janne.laine -at-
Professor Pekka Lappalainen (Chair), Institute of Biotechnology, pekka.lappalainen -at-
Professor Hannes Lohi, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, hannes.lohi -at-
Professor Mart Saarma, Institute of Biotechnology, mart.saarma -at-
Professor Kaarina Sivonen,
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, kaarina.sivonen -at-

The functions of the board include the following:

1. To make decisions pertaining to allocation of funds.
2. To improve research coordination.
3. To establish and support the function of core facilities.
4. to coordinate research training.
5. To organize external evaluations.
6. To help formulate future plans in this field of endeavor at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.