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General information:

BCH Networking event 2014

Biocentrum Helsinki organized a networking event, followed by BCH scientific meeting on Thursday 16th of October 2014 in Dipoli, Espoo. The purpose of the networking event was to connect researchers of Aalto University and University of Helsinki and to provide the participants an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas about projects and currently available methodology. Over 130 scientists participated in the event and both universities were well represented. The networking event was divided into two parallel sessions, chaired by Hannes Lohi and Pekka Lappalainen (University of Helsinki). Morning was started with “Imaging and Neurosciences” and “Computational Biology and Genomics”, followed by “Biomaterials“ and “Systems and Synthetic Biology” sessions. First parallel sessions were opened by the introductions of Pekka Lappalainen and Hannes Lohi, followed by several short talks from the invited group leaders from both Helsinki and Aalto universities.

Besides the main research topics of the presenting groups, a wide variety of different methods, model systems and novel biomolecular materials were introduced, giving insight into how the expertise of distinct groups could be utilized in possible future collaborations. Discussions after sessions were continued over lunch.

Director Pekka Lappalainen introducing the Biocentrum
Helsinki organization and current BCH research groups.

Hannes Lohi presenting his work on canine
models of human genetic disorders

Mauri Kostiainen from Aalto University explaining how
biomolecules act as building blocks for nanomaterials

BCH Scientific Meeting was held after the networking event, starting with a short presentation by representatives from a team formed by Helsinki and Aalto university students. This team was participating in an international synthetic biology competition, iGEM, held in Boston 27th October -5th November 2014 and also BCH supported the team. The actual BCH scientific meeting consisted of five longer presentations of selected BCH group leaders. In all, the event was as successful and will hopefully create new exciting collaborations between researchers working at these universities.

Biocentrum Helsinki call for University of Helsinki – Aalto University PI-level collaborative grant applications was opened after the networking event. In this call, two research projects, carried out in collaboration with University of Helsinki and Aalto University, will get a seed funding of ~75 000 eur per year for a two year period (2015-2016). The decisions concerning these grants will be made in December.

Some posters of the University core facilities
were presented during the coffee breaks

Lauri Aaltonen introducing Center of Excellence
in Cancer Genetics Research

Agenda for the event

Past activities:



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