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“Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Anti-Historicism in Interwar Europe

Duration: 01.01.2015-31.12.2016
Funding: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Intra-European Fellowships, European Commission
Researcher: Dr. Liisi Keedus

The project traces the intersections between anti-teleological temporal imagination(s) and changes in the way the human world and the methods for its study were conceptualized in interwar European thought. Its primary emphasis is on junctions between scholarly fields (theology, jurisprudence, classical studies, literary theory, linguistics, sociology, philosophy), and it focuses on intellectual groupings, rather than individual authors, whose anti-historicisms – or so it hypothesizes – provoked a spectrum of methodological revolutions. What were the aims of these humanist and social thinkers in creating novel visions of time and historicity? What was the role of anti-historicist impulses in the construction of the crisis ubiquitously present in the interwar discourses? How did their implications differ in different national contexts and why?