Studies for exchange and visiting students in English


Number of credits

The University of Helsinki expects the incoming visiting and exchange students to take at least 20 credits a semester and 40 credits during a whole academic year. The full-time work load is considered to be 30 credits a semester or 60 credits an academic year. There is no maximum limit for the number of credits or courses you can take but please pay attention to the weekly schedules that there are no overlapping courses.

Registration to the courses

The registration for most courses is done electronically through the Oodi registration system. In order to get the password for Oodi, one must visit the User Account Office in person with an ID document.

The final registration for the courses takes place usually after your arrival in Helsinki during the orientation period. At this point, on our side, it still possible to change your course selection or add new courses into your study plan.

Attendance rule

For lecture courses there is no compulsory attendance. For other forms of tuition, please contact the instructor directly and ask about the rules of attendance.

Courses at other Faculties

It is also possible to take courses at the other Faculties. However, they may have different rules for registration, prerequisite studies or they may give preference to their own students. Please contact the appropriate Faculty or teacher directly.

Learning agreements

The Learning Agreements for the Erasmus programme are signed by the Departmental International Coordinators. They prefer signing the agreements after you have done the final selection of courses after your arrival. If you need the Agreement signed before your arrival please contact the Coordinator directly.