How and when to apply?

Application process:

First stage: From research idea to application
1. Read all the instructions available on the Faculty site for postgraduate research education. By carefully reading the instructions and regulations at the outset, you can avoid unnecessary work and ease your future supervisor’s workload.
2. Turn your idea into a tentative research proposal.
3. Find a supervisor who can assess and comment on your tentative research proposal. Remember that one of the supervisors must represent the discipline in which you intend to defend your dissertation. Resolve any fee-related issues. If your supervisors do not work full time at the department/institute at which you intend to defend your dissertation, they may assume that they will be remunerated for the supervision. Any financial remuneration must always be agreed with the head of the department/institute.

The supervision agreement must always be signed by at least two supervisors. This occurs in collaboration with the supervisor whom you yourself have found.

Second stage: Completing and submitting an application
1. Once your research proposal and study plan are complete and your supervisors have approved them and signed the supervision agreement, you should complete our online application. Students who did not complete their Master’s degree at the University of Helsinki, must also submit a copy of their diploma, and applicants who are not Finnish citizens must submit a copy of their English-language test results.
2. Make sure that all the required signatures and information (including the supervisors’ contact information) are provided on the application and its attachments, and that all the required documents are attached (documents scanned). Incomplete applications will not be processed.
3. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences makes the final decision based on a presentation procedure, which is carried out by the Faculty’s postgraduate coordinator.

Third stage: After the applcation has been approved:
1. The Faculty Council decision, as well as instructions for what to do next, will be sent to you by regular post.
2. Remember that postgraduate students must register as attending or non-attending students each academic year.
3. If your supervisor or topic changes or other major changes affecting your dissertation take place, contact the secretary at the Faculty Office. If your supervisor changes, you must always conclude a new supervision contract and submit it to the Faculty’s postgraduate coordinator.
4. If you do not complete your dissertation within six years, you will be blocked from registering at the University. You will receive a letter of reminder to submit an updated study plan and research proposal to your supervisors for approval.
For detailed instructions, please see:

Application instructions for postgraduate research education.