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Baltic Languages and Cultures belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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The discipline of Baltic Languages and Cultures is divided into Lithuanian Language and Culture and Latvian Language and Culture options, studies in which can also be combined within the same degree. The studies handle the Lithuanian or Latvian language, literature written in these languages, the history and culture of the peoples speaking these languages, and provide the students with the basic knowledge of the history of all Baltic languages. Moreover, the studies acquaint students with the rudiments of professional translation of Lithuanian and Latvian. In special courses, students can learn about Baltic loans in Finnish vocabulary and Baltic onomastics.

It is possible to start studying Lithuanian and Latvian from the basics with the language skills being honed to be as good as possible during the studies. Some of the intermediate and advanced studies take place in summer courses and student exchanges in the target country.

Since the Baltic States gained independence, there has been an increased demand for experts in Latvian and Lithuanian languages and culture, especially translators and interpreters. The economic growth of these countries and their increased cooperation with Finland have opened up employment opportunities, for example, in export companies, media and tourism. Knowledge of both Lithuanian and Latvian also opens up interesting vistas, for example, to researchers interested in the origin of Finnish words.

Baltic Languages and Cultures is a good choice for a minor subject, for example, for students of General Linguistics, Russian and other Slavonic languages, Finno-Ugrian Languages and History.