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Contact information:

Helpdesk - IT guidance,
user accounts and user support:
helpdesk [ät]
tel. 02941 55555

P.O.Box 28 (Koetilantie 3)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
tel. 02941 44354
tietotekniikkakeskus [ät]

Information security at the university


Information is the university's most significant resource. Practically everything that happens at the university is dependent on information and information technology. Information security, or the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information must be taken care of with all forms and stages of handling the information, throughout the entire lifespan of the information.

The information security services offered by the IT Center are intended only for people at the university, and information on them can be found in the University of Helsinki intranet Flamma. The internal information security guidelines can also only be found in Flamma.

Confidentiality is closely related to information security. You can find more information on the confidentiality team's own pages (in Finnish only).

Public information security guidelines:

Using encrypted flash drives
Encrypting e-mail using the 7zip software