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University of Helsinki IT Department

IT Services


Contact information:

Helpdesk - IT guidance,
user accounts and user support:
helpdesk [ät]
tel. 02941 55555

P.O.Box 28 (Koetilantie 3)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
tel. 02941 44354
tietotekniikkakeskus [ät]

Terms of use and privacy policies for IT services


The use of the University's IT services and information systems is regulated by rules which apply to all users. The terms of use for information systems must be accepted before you may receive a user account. The other rules regulating the use of university information systems concern administration, handling of the data stored in the systems and how to proceed in exceptional situations.

Many of the services maintained by the IT Center require authentication. Personal information is gathered for the purposes of authentication. The IT Center has made privacy policies for the services which require personal information. The privacy policies are publicly available on these pages (in Finnish only).