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University of Helsinki IT Department

IT Services


Contact information:

Helpdesk - IT guidance,
user accounts and user support:
helpdesk [ät]
tel. 02941 55555

P.O.Box 28 (Koetilantie 3)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
tel. 02941 44354
tietotekniikkakeskus [ät]



The university's versatile IT services include, among other things, e-mail and workstations, support services for researchers and teachers, teaching and learning facilities and versatile helpdesk services, not to mention information security. The common IT services of the University of Helsinki are provided by the IT center.

Popular IT services and tools at the university

Käyttöluvat Helpdesk Flamma wiki
Webmail WebOodi Tuhat-tutkimustietojärjestelmä


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