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Helpdesk - tietotekniikan
neuvonta, käyttöluvat ja käyttötuki:
helpdesk [ät] helsinki.fi
puh. 02941 55555

PL 28 (Koetilantie 3)
00014 Helsingin yliopisto
puh. 02941 44354
fax 02941 56990
tietotekniikkakeskus [ät] helsinki.fi


Beware of phishing emails!

During the past few days, phishing emails have been common.

Recently, there has been exceptional amount of phishing emails designed to steal the usernames and passwords of the people of University of Helsinki. Usually, the recipient of the phishing email is asked to reply and send his/her credentials or asked to click a link to open a webpage to fill in the information. In some occasions, the fraud webpage is crafted to look exactly like university’s webmail or other webpage. If you have received a message of this kind, delete it immediately.

When using university’s email, remember the following:

  • The staff of University of Helsinki never asks your username and password via email.
  • If you are requested to visit university’s webpage, be sure the request is legitimate and make sure the webpage is actually on helsinki.fi domain (e.g., http://www.cs.helsinki.fi).


Teksti: IT Services Info
atk-tiedotus [at] helsinki.fi