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Soon to be obsolete site
This is the old website of the Department of Astronomy, no longer in use except for some course pages






In the news

The University of Helsinki has closed the Department of Astronomy (Observatory) on January 1st 2010. The Astronomy personnel and teaching have been moved to the Department of Physics. The new address is:

    Department of Physics
    Division of Geophysics and Astronomy
    PO Box 64
    00014 University of Helsinki

The new website address is

Lauri Jetsu: We lost our independence, our name and the Observatory

Annual report 2009

Tapio Markkanen: International Year of Astronomy 2009

Has the heaviest black hole in a binary star system been detected?

ESO Press Release: Mapping the interior of interstellar clouds in great detail

Annual report 2006

Our research was graded with highest points in the University of Helsinki research assessment exercise.. For a detailed assessment, read:
Evaluation report, Department of Astronomy

The SIXS Instrument By Finnish Astronomers Goes To Mercury


Dissertations at the Observatory

11.6.2008, Linnea Hjalmarsdotter
Spectral states and accretion geometries in Galactic black hole binaries

14.12.2007, Johanna Torppa
Lightcurve inversion for asteroid spins and shapes

8.12.2007 Mikael Granvik,
Asteroid identification using statistical orbital inversion methods

Older news

ESO Messenger No. 117 (September 2004): "Astronomy in Finland"

Finland joins ESO
ESO Press Release