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Research by Staff

Since 2004 Asia-Pacific Studies has been strengthened with guest professors from abroad. Recently, Professor Chiharu Inaba from Meijo University, Japan, has joined the programme for one year April 2007-April 2008. He is specialised on Russo-Japanese and Finnish/EU-Japanese Relations. Professor Lim Hua Sing from Waseda University, expert on ethnic Chinese economies, worked in the programme for six months in 2004-2005. Professor Masahisa Hayashi, also from Waseda, joined the programme for March-September 2006. His field of expertise is public finance and local government finance.


Selected publications from Asia-Pacific Studies staff members:

In English

Leena Avonius, Damien Kingsbury (eds.): Human Rights in Asia. A Reassessment of the Asian Values Debate, Palgrave Macmillan 2008. Read more

Tiina H. Airaksinen: Love Your Country on Nanjing Road: the British and the May Fourth Movement in Shanghai. Renvall Institute Publications; 19. University of Helsinki.

Raisa Asikainen (toim.): Perspectives on China. Papers from the Nordic Association for China Studies Conference at the University of Helsinki, June 7-9, 2005. Renvall Institute Publications; 21. University of Helsinki.

In Finnish

Raisa Asikainen, Teemu Naarajärvi, Juha Vuori (toim.): Kiina 1989 ja Tiananmenin perintö, Gaudeamus 2009. Lue lisää

Raisa Asikainen, Juha Vuori (toim.): Kiinan yhteiskunta muutoksessa, Gaudeamus 2005. Lue lisää


APS Researcher Network was formed in May 2003 to facilitate contacts and cooperation among researchers working on Asia. The membership is open to scholars of any academic field or institution, who meet the following general criteria:

  1. The researcher is working on post-graduate or post-doctoral level
  2. The research topic contains a comparative perspective concerning the Asia-Pacific region, its sub-regions or individual countries. The topic may – broadly – fall within the disciplinary boundaries of history, international politics and economics, sociology, geography, or contemporary culture
  3. The researcher wishes to participate and discuss his/her work in regular monthly/bimonthly seminars in a “Renvallian” (i.e. open, informal, and interdisciplinary) atmosphere, usually on Tuesday afternoons

In APS Researcher Network members enjoy privileges of collegial feedback, exchange of information, possibilities of forming research teams and making joint applications for research funding, planning scientific symposiums and publications, and each other's company.

For further information contact Tiina Airaksinen
tel. +358 9 191 23286, email tiina.h.airaksinen(ät)helsinki.fi