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International evaluation of research and doctoral training 2010-2012

8 May 2012

The results of the evaluation are now available.

Please see evaluation reports for the university-level report and researcher community reports.

Press release

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The international evaluation of the research and doctoral training at the University of Helsinki was carried out in 2010-2012. Evaluations are carried out every six years and the previous ones took place in 1999 and 2005.

The evaluation was extraordinary in a sense that participation was voluntary and the participants took part in Researcher Communities they have framed themselves. Thus many of the Communities are existent across institutions and faculties. There were five different categories for participation, characteristic to the Researcher Communities.

  • The research of the participating community represents the international cutting edge in its field.
  • The research of the participating community is of high quality, but the community in its present composition has yet to achieve strong international recognition or a clear break-through.
  • The research of the participating community is distinct from mainstream research, and the special features of the research tradition in the field must be considered in the evaluation.
  • The research of the participating community represents an innovative opening.
  • The research of the participating community has a highly significant societal impact

The aim of the evaluation was to recognise the specific nature of research and doctoral training arising from different starting points at the University, and to produce information on the prerequisites and conditions for high level results.

The registration took place in November 2010 and altogether 136 Researcher Communities chose to take part. During January-February 2011 the communities answered the self evaluation questions that form a major part of the evaluation material. The data on publications and other scientific activities was generated from the TUHAT research database.

Altogether, there were approximately 6000 researchers in the participating communities including 1000 principal investigators. They had all been affiliated with the University of Helsinki during 2005-2010.

There were five different panels with altogether 50 panellists. The Chairs and Vice-Chairs met for a pre-meeting in May 2011 and the panels convened for panel meetings in Helsinki in September 2011. The panels were:

  • Biological, Agricultural and Veterinary sciences
  • Medicine, Biomedicine and Health sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences

The Chair of the Evaluation Steering Group is Vice-Rector Johanna Björkroth.