The 11th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium

The Changing Bronze Age in Fennoscandia and around the Baltic Sea

Helsinki, Finland 29.-31.10.2009

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Latest update: 24.10.2009

The Nordic Bronze Age Symposia are regular scientific meetings of specialists in the archaeology of the Bronze Age and Early Metal Age in Fennoscandia and the neighboring areas.

The 11th Symposium will be organized by the Institute for Cultural Research / Archaeology, University of Helsinki. The theme of the Symposium is the changing picture of the period of early metals in the "peripheral" areas of the Baltic sphere and in Northern areas up to the Arctic Sea.

The three-day program includes oral and poster presentations, social evenings and a bus excursion.

The CFP is open to researchers and post-graduate students from Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and all over the Baltic sphere. In this way the coming event will be the first First Nordic & Baltic Bronze Age Symposium. Students are welcome to take part in the Symposium as listeners.

We work in the Scandinavian languages and in English.

Information about registration and payments is available here.

For further information please contact the members of the organizing committee.

The circulation letter is available here. The organizers wish that it will circulate further among the scientific society.

Institute for Cultural Research, Department of Archaeology
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