Stay sharp

Graduation does not mean cessation

Just because you graduated doesn't mean you should cease to learn new things. The work place is changing constantly and professionals need to update their knowledge in order to stay on top.

Postgraduate education

Feel that you're not quite done with uni? Take a look at the different postgraduate programmes available at the University of Helsinki.

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Continuing education

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education is part of the University of Helsinki, member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Benefitting from the University's broad foundation across a range of disciplines, University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education operates in diverse fields. Centre for Continuing Education designs and provides tailored programmes as well as research and development services to meet the needs of business life and the public sector.

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Open University

The Finnish Open University is not an autonomous university as such, but rather a system of study. The Open University provides anyone an opportunity to study university studies, regardless of age or educational background. The Open University offers the latest information for maintaining professional skills, support for launching a new career, the possibility to explore different disciplines and the joy of learning.

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