Get to know the alumni communities

A large variety of events

There are many ways to be involved in the alumni activities. You can either go to faculty events, be active in alumni groups or join the Alumni assocation. On top of this there's also Campus Alumni, our free web portal for all alumni.

Campus Alumni

Even though you'd already be in your own discipline's Facebook group you should still register to Campus Alumni. Via Campus Alumni we keep track of all our alumni which will be of great use to us when we develop our international alumni activities - you can also check out where fellow alumni are on the Alumni Google Maps. On Campus Alumni you can also register a university alumni email address and find old friends from the university.

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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is for alumni who want to strenghten their bond to the university. The association mostly organizes events in Finnish and in Swedish.

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Faculty activities

Tbe faculties organize alumni events every year. At the faculty events you'll stay up to date on what's happening at the university and you'll meet old and new friends. Even though most of the programme might be in Finnish, socializing in English is not a problem for our well-educated alumni.

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Independent groups

There are also independent alumni groups here and there. We've tried to gather a couple of them on this site, but if you know of other groups please let us know.

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Other alumni groups

Small scale, big ambitions

There are numerous small alumni groups active on- and offline. These groups are usually founded by alumni and the university has little oversight. Here's a list of a couple of groups that we know about. Please feel free to contact the Alumni Coordinator if you want your group to be added to this page. Although most group descriptions are in Finnish we're sure they won't mind a little English.

    Facebook pages and groups

    Antropologian Alumnit
    Ryhmän tarkoitus on tarjota mahdollisuus yhteydenpitoon muihin antropologeihin, kuulla mihin muut sijoittuvat, järjestää tapaamisia halukkaille, tai vaikkapa luoda antropologien yhteinen asiantuntijapankki.
    English Department Alumni (University of Helsinki)
    Networking for former students of the English Department in Helsinki University.
    Kaikkien farmasian opiskelijoiden ja alalle jo valmistuneiden oma yhteisö.
    Helsingin Yliopiston Oikeustieteellinen TDK
    Ryhmä oikeustieteellisen tiedekunnan opiskelijoille. Entisille tai nykyisille.
    Humanistinen tiedekunta
    Humanistisen tiedekunnan sivu facebookissa. Katso ja ryhdy tiedekunnan faniksi!
    Kronos-eläkeläiset ryhmä on tarkoitettu kaikille niille, jotka ovat opiskelleet historiaa Helsingin yliopistossa.
    Maantieteen alumnit
    Helsingin yliopiston maantieteen alumnit -ryhmä on tarkoitettu kaikille Helsingin yliopiston maantieteen osastolta (entiseltä maantieteen laitokselta, nykyiseltä geotieteiden ja maantieteen laitokselta) valmistuneille henkilöille.
    Matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen tiedekunta
    Ryhmä on kaikille matemaattis-luonnontieteellisessä tiedekunnassa opiskeleville tai opiskelleille.
    Viestinnän alumnien ryhmä
    Network for European Studies
    The Network for European Studies - a multidisciplinary research network at the University of Helsinki.
    SOKLA (Helsingin yliopisto)
    For everyone who studies or used to study at Helsingin yliopiston soveltavan kasvatustieteen laitos.
    Statuksen alumnit
    Statuksen alumnit kokoaa yhteen Helsingin yliopistosta valmistuneet sosiaalipsykologit.
    Valtsikan alumnit
    Ryhmä on tarkoitettu Helsingin yliopiston valtiotieteellisen tiedekunnan entisille ja nykyisille työntekijöille ja alumneille.
    Yhteiskuntahistorian laitoksen alumnit eli poliittista historiaa, talous- ja sosiaalihistoriaa tai yhteiskuntahistoriaa opiskelleiden ryhmä.