Aino Saarinen

Aino Saarinen , sociologist and political scientist, is a Senior Researcher at Aleksanteri Institute and an Adjunct Professor in Women's Studies and Sociology at Tampere University and Oulu University. She has led the Nordic-NW.Russian research and development network NCRB - A Network for Crisis Centres in the Barents Region in 1999-2005 and the Nordic project RWN - Russian Women as Immigrants in Norden: Finland, Norway and Sweden; Gender Perspectives on Everyday Life, Citizenship and Social Justice in 2004-2007. At present, she is the responsible leader of the WGA project. Saarinen has published on feminist theories, mobilisation against gender violence and organising in transnational settings, and on migration.


Selected publications:

Aino Saarinen: A Circumpolar Case: Networking against Gender Violence in the Barents Region of the European North. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society (forthcoming in 2008)

Aino Saarinen: Naisten kriisikeskukset Venäjällä: Selviytymiskamppailuja ulkoisen demokratia-avun ja sisäisen demokratiavajeen välissä. In: Markku Kivinen & Jouko Nikula (toim.) Katse Venäjään. Suomalaisen Venäjä-tutkimuksen antologia. Helsingin yliopisto, Aleksanteri-sarja 3:2006, 266-288. [Women's Crisis Centres in Russia: Struggles for Survival between the External Democracy Aid and the Internal Democracy Deficiency //A View into Russia. An Anthology of Finnish Research on Russia . ]

Aino Saarinen & Elaine Carey-Bélanger (eds.): Crisis Centres and Violence against Women. Dialogue in the Barents Region. Femina Borealis, Volume 9; Series "Gender research: methodology and practice", Volume 7, 2004. Pomor State University, Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research & Oulu University: Oulu 2004.

Hilda Rømer Christensen, Beatrice Halsaa & Aino Saarinen (eds.): Crossing Borders. Re-mapping Women's Movements at the Turn of the 21st Century. University Press of Southern Denmark: Odense 2004.

Aino Saarinen, Olga Liapounova & Irina Drachova (eds.): NCRB - A Network for Crisis Centres for Women in the Barents Region. Report of the Nordic-Russian Development Project, 1999-2002. Series "Gender research: methodology and practice", Volume 5, 2003. Pomor State University, Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research: Arkhangelsk 2003.