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Sijainti ja yhteystiedot

Visiting Fellows 2015-2016

Aleksanteri-instituutin Visiting Fellows -ohjelmaan on lukuvuodeksi 2015–2016 kutsuttu 15 korkeatasoista tutkijaa 1-3 kuukauden tutkimusvierailuille. Tältä sivulta löydät Visiting Fellow -tutkijoiden nimet ja tutkimusaiheet. Tutkijan nimi on linkki esittelyyn englanninkielisellä sivustolla.

Syksy 2015 | Kevät 2016

SYKSY 2015

Elena Denisova-Schmidt
University of St .Gallen, Switzerland
“Remedying Corruption in Russian Higher Education”
(mid-August – mid-September 2015)

Magdalena Leichtova
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic
“Defining Russia through Ukraine”
(mid-August – mid-September 2015)

Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik
Aston University, UK
"Transitional Justice and Hybridity: Contested Discourses and Divergent Narratives in Public Consultations for the Former Yugoslav Truth Commission”
(mid-August – mid-September 2015)

Gertjan Plets
Stanford University, USA
“Post-Soviet Heritages in the Making: Archaeology, culture and statecraft in Russia’s resource colonies”
(24 October 2015-mid-January 2016)

Akmal Sokhibov
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany  
“The International Counter Narcotics Policy of Russia After 2014 and the Western Sanctions against Russia”
(September-October 2015)

Daniela Steila
University of Turin, Italy
“Individual Subjectivity and the Collective in Russian Thought (XIX-XX Centuries)”
(September 2015)

Anna Tarasenko
National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg), Russia
“Regional Variations of Withdrawal from Welfare Provision in Russia: why Interest Groups Matter?”
(August-September 2015)


KEVÄT 2016

Terry Cox
University of Glasgow, UK
”Is there a new postsocialist welfare regime? Social security and insecurity in Central and Eastern Europe”
(April - May 2016)

Martin Dimitrov
Tulane University, USA
“The Politics of Socialist Consumption”
(May 2016)

Kristen Ghodsee
Bowdoin College, USA
“Women in Red: Communist Mass Women’s Organizations and International Feminism during the Cold War”
(May - mid-July 2016)

Vasil Navumau
“Political Activism in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: Application of the New Social Movement Approach to Euromaidan, Bolotnaya and Tent Camp”
(June 2016)

Anatoly Pinsky
EUSP, Russia
“The Individual after Stalin: Writers, Diaries, and the Reform of Soviet Modernity”
(February-March 2016)

Madeleine Reeves
University of Manchester, UK
“Near Abroad: An Ethnography of Labour, Law and Hope in Migrant Moscow”
(mid-February-mid-April and May 2016)


Syksy 2015 | Kevät 2016