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Sijainti ja yhteystiedot

Visiting Fellows 2012-2013


Aleksanteri-instituutin Visiting Fellows -ohjelmaan on lukuvuodeksi 2012–2013 kutsuttu 15 korkeatasoista tutkijaa 1-3 kuukauden tutkimusvierailuille. Tältä sivulta löydät Visiting Fellow -tutkijoiden nimet ja tutkimusaiheet. Tutkijan nimi on linkki esittelyyn englanninkielisellä sivustolla.

Syksy 2012 | Kevät 2013

SYKSY 2012

Johnson, Janet Elise
Brooklyn College, City University of New York, United States

"Crisis Centers, Gender, and Corruption in Russia"
(August 2012)


Kaiser, Robert
University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

"Estonia and the Birth of Cyberwar"
(September-October 2012, April 2013)

Robert Kaiser

Nikiporets-Takigawa, Galina
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

"Mapping Russian Protest"
(December 2012-January 2013)

Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa

Obradovic-Wochnik, Jelena
Aston University, United Kingdom

"Transitional justice in Serbia: Dominant narratives and local-local tensions"
(August 2012)


Sõtšov, Andrei
University of Tartu, Estonia

"Choices of Orthodox Church towards identity construction in contemporary Russia and in relations between Orthodox Churches in Russia, Estonia and Finland"
(August 2012)



Watson, Peggy
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

"Women's Activism in a Context of Class Creation: the Case of Health Care Change in Poland"
(September-October 2012)

Peggy Watson


KEVÄT 2013

Bremer, Thomas
University of Münster, Germany

"Church and State in the Russian Tradition"
(February-March 2013)


Falk, Barbara
Canadian Forces College / Royal Military College of Canada / University of Toronto, Canada

"Cold War Justice: Comparing Political Trials Across the East-West Divide"
(May-June 2013)

room 234
+358-(0)9 191 23635


Le Huérou, Anne
School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) / University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, France

“Civic control” on law enforcement agencies in Russia : confronting violence and reshaping State / society relations
(time tbc)


Malinova, Olga
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

"In Search of a "Usable Past": Discourse about National Identity in Post-Soviet Russia"
(Mid-March - mid-May 2013)


Mason, Arthur
University of California, Berkeley, United States

Assessing Intermediary Expertise in Russian Arctic Gas Development
(May-June 2013)

room 323
+358-(0)9 191 23668


Omel'chenko, Elena
Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg / Ul’ianovsk State University, Russia

"The Youth Question: changing Perspectives. From subcultural to a solidarity approach"
(Mid-April - mid-May 2013)


Renz, Bettina
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

"Modernisation of the Russian armed forces: doctrine and strategic thinking"
(May-June 2013)

room 217
+358-(0)9 191 23625


Segert, Dieter
University of Vienna, Austria

"Something is going wrong: How to understand better the controversies on democracy and its crises after 1989 in Eastern Europe?"
(Mid-May - mid-June 2013)

room 218
+358-(0)9 19123629


Suslov, Mikhail
Russian Institute for Cultural Research (Moscow), Russia / Uppsala University, Sweden

"Debating Authenticity: Appropriation of Slavophilism in Modern Russian Political Philosophy and Ideology from the Late Imperial Period to the Present"
(February-March 2013)



Syksy 2012 | Kevät 2013