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Aleksanteri Series 1:2011


Between Utopia and Apocalypse. Essays on Social Theory and Russia.
edited by Elina Kahla

Aleksanteri Series 1:2011
ISBN 978-952-10-6568-2
338 p.
10 € + VAT 10 %


This festschrift celebrates the 60th birthday of Markku Kivinen, director of the Aleksanteri Institute. In Part I, Social Theory, Uskali Mäki addresses the potential of scientific realism, Osmo Kivinen the relevance of Searlean social ontology for social sciences, Vesa Oittinen the Kantian complex of Russian Idealism, Markku Joutsenoja the early work of Talcott Parsons, and Göran Therborn political power in Astana, Kazakhstan. Subsequent chapters discuss Chinese suburbia, social classes and hegemony, the working class in Finland as well as Finnish higher education as an export product.

In Part II, which is devoted to Russian studies, Pekka Sutela reflects on economics, Mikhail F. Chernysh order and chaos, Christer Pursiainen democracy with adjectives, and Rosalinde Sartorti philanthropy. Other chapters' topics range from diabetic associations to entrepreneurs in Russia's transition.

Russian thinkers quite often express their ideas in the genre of utopia and apocalypse. Thus, it is fitting that in an interview with Anna-Maria Salmi, the jubilant reveals his societal dreams and anxieties.

Review in International Sociology 28:5, 2013.


Risto Alapuro
Sari Autio-Sarasmo
Raimo Blom
Mikhail F. Chernysh
Jukka Gronow
Anne Haila
Markku Joutsenoja
Marja Järvelä
Elina Kahla
Markku Kangaspuro
Osmo Kivinen
Harri Melin
Uskali Mäki
Jouko Nikula
Vesa Oittinen
Christer Pursiainen
Anna-Maria Salmi
Rosalinde Sartorti
Pekka Sutela
Göran Therborn