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Aleksanteri Series 3:2010


Karelia Written and Sung. Representations of Locality in Soviet and Russian Contexts
edited by Pekka Suutari and Yury Shikalov

Aleksanteri Series 3:2010.
ISBN 978-952-10-6565-1
280 p.
5 € + VAT 10 %


The articles of this present volume Karelia Written and Sung open up various complementary perspectives on the construction of a Karelian identity during and after the Soviet era. The general picture is one of a progression towards reliance on publically produced modes of culture for the maintenance of a national Karelian identity, with literature, music and linguistic activities at the forefront. Although these activities were organised within state-imposed schemes, the local Karelians were still able to influence some of them.

The papers of the Finno-Russian joint research project provide a vivid description of the work and experiences of activists who succeeded within a Soviet and Russian context in producing national representations of Karelian identity.


Esa Anttikoski
Natalia Baschmakoff
Natalia Chikina
Olga Ilyukha
Sanna-Riikka Knuuttila
Seppo Knuuttila
Svetlana Kovaleva
Tuulikki Kurki
Valentina Mironova
Irma Mullonen
Elina Niiranen
Mari Ristolainen
Alexandra Rodionova
Yury Shikalov
Pekka Suutari