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Aleksanteri Series 4:2009

media Perspectives to the Media in Russia: “Western” Interests and Russian

Edited by Elena Vartanova, Hannu Nieminen and Minna-Mari

Aleksanteri Series 4:2009
ISBN 978-952-10-5146-3
10 € + VAT 10 %

Contents (PDF)

This book combines two different approaches to the media in Russia. The first is a “Western” look based on an extensive review of current academic research in Western Europe and the USA. This renders us a picture of the research field still much affected by the old “Cold War” stereotype. The other approach is based on the research by Russian scholars, exposing us to a media landscape in constant flux. Detailed mappings of the Russian media structure, the youth’s media use, or the development of local media are complemented with an overview which sets the media developments into a wider framework of Russian political and social development.

“This book adds in important ways to our knowledge of the developments of the media in Russia. For the first time, it presents an overview of the “Western” scholarly approaches to Russian media, indispensable for a critical understanding of our intellectual motives. In addition, the book includes new and exclusive information of recent developments of different media in Russia. Elena Vartanova’s elegant concluding chapter is a must to all scholars in the field.”
– Professor Kaarle Nordenstreng, Professor of Journalism and Mass
Communication, University of Tampere


Maria Anikina
Anna Chukseeva
Denis Dunas
Irina Fomicheva
Markku Kangaspuro
Olga Khvostunova
Hannu Nieminen
Liudmila Resnianskaia
Minna-Mari Salminen
Sergei Smirnov
Ilia Stechkin
Elena Vartanova
Ekaterina Voinova