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Aleksanteri Series 1:2009


Aleksandr Bogdanov Revisited
Edited by Vesa Oittinen

Aleksanteri Series 1:2009
ISBN 978-952-10-4101-3

329 p. Illustrations.
5 € + VAT 10 %

Contents (PDF)

The radical Russian philosopher, politician, utopian novelist and social scientist Aleksandr Bogdanov (1873—1928) is a controversial figure: for some, the “rival of Lenin” and founder of an alternative current in Bolshevism, which might have turned the course of history if he had succeeded; for others, an utopist with “wild” ideas in social sciences, culture as well as medicine; some, finally, see in Bogdanov a precursor of cybernetics and scientific management of society.

 All these aspects of the many-faceted person of Bogdanov are discussed in this volume, which contains the materials of an international symposium held at the Aleksanteri Institute in 2006, with some later additions.  The contributions of scholars from Russia, Germany, Italy, France and Finland give an overall picture and open some unexpected new views on the literary and scientific work of a Russian scholar, whose work was neglected for a long time in his native country.

"The volume makes a particularly significant contribution to the study of Bogdanov in illuminating his activities in Italy in the first and second decades of the twentieth century. ---
Especially valuable is the appended bibliographical dictionary providing a wealth of information about the departees. --- Overall, this is an impressive and useful study shedding light on an important institution of nineteeth-century Russia."

- T. Allan Smith, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Russian Review (Vol. 69. No 4)


Georgii Gloveli
Wladislaw Hedeler
Galina Isakova
Svetlana Neretina
Aleksandr Ogurtsov
Vesa Oittinen
Simona Poustilnik
Hans-Christoph Rauh
Jutta Scherrer
Aleksandr Shushpanov
Daniela Steila
Ilmari Susiluoto
Pia Tikka