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Aleksanteri Series 6:2007

Voices and Values Voices and Values of Young People :
Representations in Russian Media
Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski and Lea Siilin (eds.)

Aleksanteri Series 6:2007
ISBN 978-952-10-4094-8
2 EUR + VAT 10 %

Contents and Contributors

In the past two decades Russia has undergone remarkable economic, political and cultural changes. We may presume that these changes have had a strong influence on the opinions of Russians themselves as a nation and on the values of life which are in transition. The discussion on values assumes special relevance and urgency in the context of globalization, which inevitably also concerns Russia. Globalization as a multi-dimensional and multi-level process especially affects the values of the younger generation. The present volume focuses on questions, how young people use the media, on the one hand, and what is relevant to the life contemporary Russian youth, on the other: i.e. how they understand their identity and nationality, what they think about the state, religion and so forth.


Kaarina Aitamurto
Vera Gnevasheva
Jussi Lassila
Valery Lukov
Vladimir Lukov
Oksana Namlinskaia
Aila Pesonen
Riitta Pyykkö
Lea Siilin
Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski
Nikolai Zakharov


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