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Aleksanteri Series 4:2007

Texts and Communities Texts and Communities:
Soviet and Post-Soviet Life in Discourse and Practice
Edited by Natalia Baschmakoff, Paul Fryer and Mari Ristolainen

Aleksanteri Series 4:2007
ISBN 978-952-10-4077-1
2 EUR +VAT 10 %

The present volume focuses on questions of how texts as mental constructs produce and reproduce, tell and retell narratives about communities, and how communities perceive, reproduce and dissolve these texts into specific community-building discourses.

The authors examine the texts produced by Soviet and post-Soviet communities from a variety of perspectives, including those of literary research, cultural studies, history, human geography, folklore studies and ethnography. This volume represents the proceedings of the conference /Post-Soviet Readings of Texts: Demystifying Russianness/ held at
the University of Joensuu in October 2005.


Eine Alt, Natalia Baschmakoff, Aleksandr Belousov, Elena Dushechkina, Paul Fryer, Tuulikki Kurki, Simo Leisti, Mari Raami, Irina Razumova, Mari Ristolainen,Olga Zmeeva

Contents and contributors (PDF)


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