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Aleksanteri Series 3:2007

The Dynamics of Energy The Dynamics of Energy in the Eurasian Contex
David Dusseault (ed.)

Aleksanteri Series 3:2007
ISBN 978-952-10-4019-1
ISSN 1796-3192
2 EUR +VAT 10 %

“ Both the historical conditions and future prospects of Russian state and corporate power through oil and gas production, transportation, and sales are explored with relational, comparative and multi-disciplinary perspectives in this fascinating volume. Critical to the social science of energy security and business, this volume also should be read by anyone interested in the implications of the last decade's reconfiguration of Russian energy power for global economic, political, and environmental transformations “

Michael D. Kennedy, Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan



Philip Hanson, Timo Hellenberg, Markku Kivinen, Alexander Libman, Tatiana Romanova, Jeremy Smith, Mattias Spies, Peeter Vahtra


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