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Aleksanteri Series 2:2007

The CIS : Form or Substance
David Dusseault (ed.)

Aleksanteri Series 2:2007
ISBN 978-952-10-4018-4
2 EUR +VAT 10 %

"More than ever do we need a fresh look at what has happened to the post-Soviet space in the last five or six years, rather than the bits and pieces we normally focus on, even large bits, such as the evolution in Russia. This book uses the CIS as a point of departure, not as a decisive or even a very substantive institution, but as a shell for examining the myriad complex dynamics shaping critical bilateral relationships, giving rise to more compelling regional and sub-regional security and economic collaborations, and by the month transforming international relations in this vital part of the world. A welcomeprod to widen our analytical perspective".

Robert Legvold,
Marshall Shulman Professor of political Science,
Columbia University


Alexander Baturo, David Dusseault, Jakub M.Godzimirski, Erik Gyulazyan, Susanna Hast, John Heathershaw, Ronald J. Hill , Markku Kivinen, Luke March, Slava Mikhaylov, Donnacha Ó Beacháin, Rikhard Sakwa, Arseniy Svynarenko, Roman Wolczuk

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