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Aleksanteri papers 1:2008

Aleksanteri Papers Evgeniia Prokhorova, Vesa Rautio:
From Clearing Trade to Global Markets: Role of Finnish Companies in the Economic Development of the City of Kostomuksha


This article examines the economic history of the city of Kostamuksha from the foundation of the city to the present day and particularly the role of Finnish companies and investments in the eco-nomic development of the city. The building of the city of Kostamuksha played a significant role in the clearing trade between Finland and the Soviet Union. This explains the amount of articles and books which Finnish media and researchers have written on the Kostamuksha project. The article discusses the origins of the city by using Soviet sources. In addition, the article presents recent debate in the local Kostamuksha newspapers on the economic development and internationalisation of the city. Research material provides an opportunity to understand the special features of the city also from the local point of view. Kostamuksha stands out from the other Karelian Republic regions as an economic success story influenced by noteworthy foreign investments which other Russian border regions have hardly been able to attract. The article presents how specific local factors combined to the change processes affecting the whole state have created to the city a special economic structure in which foreign companies and investments have a significant role.

Clearing-kaupasta maailmantalouteen: suomalaisyritysten rooli Kostamuksen talouskehityksessä ( PDF in Finnish only)