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Aleksanteri Papers 2:2005

Aleksanteri Papers

Kimmo Elo and Katja Ruutu (eds)
Russia and the CIS - Janus-Faced Democracies

Aleksanteri Papers 2:2005
ISBN 952-10-2586-7
201 pp.
2 EUR + VAT 10 %

This edition brings together the proceedings of the 4 th Aleksanteri Conference held in November 2004. The articles are divided into three thematic parts: The Russian Political System, Elections and Parties in Russia and the CIS, and Media and Education in Russia.

The Contributors are Dr. Janina Sleivyte, Ms Katja Ruutu, Dr. Kimmo Elo and Ms. Piia Elo, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Ms. Elena A. Korosteleva, Dr. Luke March, Mr. Peter Söderlund, Prof. Dmitry Strovsky, Dr. Greg Simons and Mr. Kari Kaunismaa.

Table of Contents (Pdf 210 KB)