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Aleksanteri Papers 1:2003

Aleksanteri Papers Nivedita Das Kundu:
Indo-Russian Relations: An Overview


The present article gives an overview of the India-Russia relations. It shows the mutual cooperation between them in the sphere of politics, economic & trade, defense, scientific & technological, health & medicine and on cultural spheres. It mentions about their traditional friendly relations before disintegration of the Soviet Union and continuing close relations during the transition period and their interest in further deepening and diversifying close and multifaceted ties with each other in the coming years.

The article mentions briefly about the historical background, it depicted how since the very early times both these countries are linked and dependent on each other. This paper also mentions about both the states foreign policy structures which indicated the importance of their bilateral relations and their other common foreign policies. It also gives both the states view on international problems concerned with fighting terrorism as both the countries are the major sufferer from terrorism and thus supportive to each other and shares common views on the matter.

Article also mentions about various joint commissions and also gives details about the exchange of high level visits from the both sides and presents the details on the meetings and signing up of the bilateral agreements on various occasions.

Article indicates about both the countries interest in creation of the more democratic, multipolar world and wants peace and stability and thus shares similar views on many aspects. It depicts that both the states want broad, deep and durable ties with each other. Leaders of both the states are confident that both these nations can promote peace and brotherhood in the new century. The paper indicates the idea that India needs Russia as much as Russia needs India. It is highly important for both the countries to maintain good relations and cooperate with each other.

Full text: Indo-Russian Relations: An Overview