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Kikimora Publications Series B 39

Trading with the Soviet Union. The Finnish Experience 1944-1991
by Pekka Sutela

Kikimora Publications B 39. 2014.
ISBN 978-951-51-0017-7
152 p.
20 EUR + VAT 10 %

Finland was the only developed market economy to trade with the Soviet Union on a bilateral basis until the collapse of central planning. In contrast with Eastern European countries, Finnish authorities - and public opinion as well - have traditionally argued that this trade was particularly profitable for the Finnish trade. This is claimed to be true both at the company level and for the Finnish economy as a whole.

An English-language discussion on these issues has been lacking so far. Drawing on available research, interviews, memoires and even novels, this book concludes that until proven wrong, arguments on the profitability of Eastern Trade seem to be true.

Kari Holopainen's review in Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja 4/2014 (in Finnish).

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