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Kikimora Publications Series B 37

cover Russia's Northern Region on the Edge: Communities, Industries and Populations from Murmansk to Magadan
edited by Vesa Rautio and Markku Tykkyläinen

Kikimora Publications B 37. 2008.
ISBN 978-952-10-4097-9
233 p, maps, illustrations,
5 EUR + VAT 10 %


Readers seeking to make sense of the evoLutionary economic and human geography of Russia's northern regions in the aftermath of the Soviet-era's "extensive," pLanned-economy deveLopment regime will find in Russia's Northern Regions on the Edge many vaLuabLe ideas for buiLding a new conceptuaL framework.

The book's centraL focus on communities provides a LogicaL foundation, for it is these northern settlements that provide the spatiaL context within which institutions and actors in Russia's naturaL resource-based economy must adjust to a new gLobaL economic Landscape. Major facets of the Livability and viabiLity of these communities are skillfuLLy addressed by the chapter authors, whose contributions combine topicaL expertise with on-site interviews, surveys, and participant observation. One is introduced to such disparate yet important issues as the divergent demographic and economic outcomes of outwardLy similar resource towns as transition unfoLds; the motivations and concerns of their residents and workers, including those commuting hundreds of miLes to shift work in remote Siberian oil fieLds; how one company town has imaginativeLy broken the moLd by tapping a LargeLy unused, nontraditionaL Labor pooL to diversify its industriaL profiLe; and how proximity to internationaL borders may enhance some community futures due to the potentiaL of energy corridors and transportation clusters.

  • "Highly readable, coherently structured, and full of interesting insights, Russia’s Northern Region on the Edge will help geographers and other social scientists better sort out, as noted in the book’s concluding reflections, to what extent that “edge” represents remoteness with all its contingencies and to what extent precipice."
    - Andrew R. Bond, Managing Editor, Eurasian Geography and Economics
  • "I strongly recommend this volume for those teaching classes on the former Soviet Union
    and Russian economic geography, demography, market economies, transition economies,
    and economic globalization, as well as political economy, and contemporary Eurasian economies and geopolitics. The volume has valuable case studies, but also strong theoretical chapters that help the reader become familiar with recent regulations and international investments."
    -Stanley D. Brunn, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky, in Eurasian Geography and Economics, 2009, 50, No. 5, pp. 613–616.
  • " Russia's Northern Regions of the Edge would be useful for geographers and students of political sciences and related disciplines, who are interested in the Russian North and regions of similar geographic and economic structure; this includes Canada and Alaska as well as Northern Europe."
    - Klaus Edenhoffer, Dept of Geography, Simon Fraser University, Canada, in Geografiske Annaler B: Human Geography 2010, Lund University


Vesa Rautio
Markku Tykkyläinen
Oleg Andreev
Stephen Fortescue
Timothy Heleniak
Yrjö Myllylä
Minna Piipponen
Evgeniia Prokhorova
John Round
Mattias Spies
Kari Vuorinen