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Kikimora Publications Series B35

cover Contested Environments and Investments
in Russian Woodland Communities
edited by Jarmo Kortelainen and Juha Kotilainen

Kikimora Publications Series B: 35
ISBN 952-10-3043-7
5 EUR + VAT 10 %.

Contents and contributors

Russian forest peripheries have become highly contested environments in the
globalising world. Foreign and domestic companies have been investing in
production and extending their round-wood procurement areas in the Russian
taiga. At the same time, they are increasingly challenged by new environmental
politics resulting from the activities of environmental organisations, governments
and markets. This book approaches these issues from the multi-disciplinary and
multinational perspectives. By exploring local situations in the Russian Northwest
and Far East, the authors show how the new environmental politics is being
formed within transnational networks and how it affects forest industrial
enterprises and communities in Russia.