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Kikimora Publications Series B34


Social Structure, Public Space and Civil Society in Karelia
edited by Harri Melin

Kikimora Publications Series B: 34
ISBN 952-10-2479-8
5 EUR + VAT 10 %


In today's popular image of Russian Karelia, the main themes of underdevelopment and inconsistency take centre stage. However, after ten years of social transition, is this pessimistic vision justified? Utilising fundamental concepts such as path-dependency and patrimonial relations, this volume explains Russian Karelia from a multitude of angles: enterprises, civil society, the mass media, and social structure among others. According to the authors, class structure, democracy, and civil society in Karelia are still undergoing tremendous changes; transition in the region has been asymmetrical and fitful in the sense that neighbouring regions develop along disparate paths. Yet, amongst all the contrast, it is possible to discern elements of past and present.