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Kikimora Publications Series B32

cover Useful Selves
Russian Women's Autobiographical Texts from the Post-War Period

by Marianne Liljeström

Kikimora Publications : Series B32. 2004
ISBN 952-10-1966-2
5 EUR + VAT 10 %


This volume crystallises interconnectedness between history, memory and female authorship.Based on a discussion of censorship, Part I explores the figure of "the revolutionary woman" as manifestation of "useful selves" in Soviet women´s autobiographical texts. As self-represenations under surveillance, voices from margins, as well as stories of success, women´s texts are furthermore investigated as creating space for agency and public authority. Part II connects the figure of "the revolutionary woman" with that of "the suffering woman" and explores different levels of contemporary politics of memory. By focusing on how contexts and conventions provide means of self-narration, the construction of women´s communities of memory is examined.