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Kikimora Publications Series B 29


Men in the Global World
Integrating Post-Socialist Perspectives

edited by Irina Novikova and Dimitar Kambourov

Kikimora Publications: Series B: 29
ISBN 952-10-1308-7
2 EUR + VAT 10 %


Multicultural insights in men's studies

This volume responds to a growing field of critical research in men and masculinities in the post-socialist and post-Soviet countries.

The collection of articles offers interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and transnational insights into “men” in the “transitional” Europe and in a global perspective. All chapters address specifically the issues of men and masculinities in the national settings of a few post-socialist and post-Soviet countries by placing them into a wider European and global context.

One of our aims is to facilitate greater understanding of changing social processes of gender relations and gender construction, particularly in relation to men and men’s practices, in the post-socialist region. To undertake this kind of exploration necessitates specific attention to the challenges and difficulties of comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives in post-socialist and European contexts, with an awareness that practices increasingly interact at various levels.

In undertaking a transnational perspective, the volume, nevertheless, attends to diversity of complex variations in post-socialist transformations beyond their European agendas.