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Kikimora Publications Series B26


Estonian Foreign Policy at the Cross-Roads
edited by Eero Medijainen and Vahur Made

Kikimora Publications : Series B26. 2002
ISBN 952-10-0754-0
5 EUR + VAT 10 %
170 p.

For almost a century the ‘Baltic question’ has been an integral issue of both Northern European and global international relations. The standing of three small nations has tested the relationships between great Powers and influenced integration processes in Europe. Now when a totally new, less heteregeneous and more uniform political system is emerging around the Baltic Sea as a result of the EU and NATO enlargements, it is also the time to reconsider traditional approaches to foreign and security policies of the Baltic States.

Six Estonian and one Finnish historians and political scientists have contributed to a collection of articles which presents new visions on a number of key issues of Estonian and Baltic foreign policies during the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st centuries. By presenting important historical turning points in the history and current politics of three small Baltic States, the book is questioning the usefulness of the traditional national narrative approach and emphasising the importance to see the Baltic foreign policies in a network of numerous different international actors.


Karin Hiiemaa
Tapani Kaakkuriniemi
Andres Kasekamp
Vahur Made
Eero Medijainen
Erik Männik