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Kikimora Publications Series B25


Beyond the Garden Ring
Dimensions of Russian regionalism
by Markku Kivinen and Katri Pynnöniemi

Kikimora Publications : Series B25. 2002
ISBN 952-10-0544-0
5 EUR + VAT 10 %

During the past decade, emergence of ‘regionalism’ has been lively debated – some see it as an opportunity for re-strengthening Russia, whilst for others it merely appears as a source of state disintegration and devolution. This collection of articles ranges from theoretical concepts of regionalisation and regionalism to regions’ strategies in developing their activities with foreign partners. For example, para-diplomatic activities carried by St. Petersburg city administration demonstrate how the second capital may benefit from its location and international prestige. The oil and gas sector, agro-food and forest sector demonstrate economic aspects of regionalism.

  • “This volume is a welcome addition to the literature not only because it takes us beyond the Moscow Ring Road, but also because it never lets us forget that Russia's regions are part of a larger whole.”
    – Richard Sakwa, University of Kent
  • "The book is theoretically rich and innovative. Its interdisciplinary approach generates fascinating insights that are not replicated elsewhere in the literature."
    -- Daniel R. Kempton Northern Illinois University