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Kikimora Publications Series B22


Swaddling, Shame and Society
On Psychohistory and Russia
by Juhani Ihanus

Kikimora Publications : Series B22. 2001
ISBN 952-10-0098-8
2 EUR + VAT 10 %
178 p.

In this collection of articles Juhani Ihanus gives a plethora of psychological ideas, insights and associations concerning Russian history, society and culture. Psychohistorical issues such as childrearing, emotional development, group processes, defenses and fantasies and aggressive-libidinal delegations have scarcely been touched upon in Russian studies. Their connections to politics, leadership and power, religion, the family, and sexual and ideological codes are highlighted in this exciting work. Swaddling, Shame and Society also gives a versatile perspective on psychohistory as a theory, which reminds us that love and its displacements are at the center of historical and societal change. Russian history, politics and culture will not seem the same after this psychological odyssey into the abyss of regression and transitionary phenomena. This is essential reading for all who are interested in Russia and its dark "psyche."

Juhani Ihanus is a Docent of Cultural Psychology (University of Helsinki) and of the History of Science and Ideas (University of Oulu). He has published books and articles on psychohistory, cultural psychology and the psychology of art and literature. He is the author of Multiple Origins: Edward Westermarck in Search of Mankind (1999).