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Kikimora Publications Series B21


Russian Law in Transition: Law and Institutional Change
by Soili Nystén-Haarala

Kikimora Publications : Series B21. 2001
ISBN 952-45-9902-0
28 EUR + VAT 9 %
289 p.


Russian Law in Transition is an analysis on the development itself as well as an attempt to understand the institutional hindrances of Russian transition towards the rule of law, democracy and a market economy. Law is not only a tool in changing the trail of society but is also an institution itself. Law is part of the institutional framework of society that interacts with economic, political, social and cultural circumstances.

This book consists of three different parts focusing firstly on the development of consititutionalism and federalism, secondly on property rights, and thirdly on company law. These three parts have originally been written within the legal part of the institutional framework studies of the Forestry Project at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). The book can also be used as an introduction to Russian law in universities. It is written for law students, legal scholars and representatives of other disciplines, as well as for everybody interested in Russia.

Soili Nystén-Haarala, LL D., M. Sc. (Econ.) works at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lapland. She has actively participated in developing Russian studies both at her own university and within the Finnish network of Russian studies.

  • "[This] work should prove an important source of information on the still difficult question of what Russian law is." Robert Ahdieh, Emory Law School